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        Bringing a child into the world and raising that little bundle of joy is an incredible gift, but also a whole lot of work. That’s why we believe every mama-to-be deserves to feel as extraordinary as she truly is. At Love My Bump, we work hard to make sure mums receive the special attention they need.

        My name is Jasmin, owner of Love My Bump. The passion behind our gift boxes comes from a deep, personal connection to the mission of this Australian-based business. As a mum of five kids, with another on the way, I know how hard it can be for mums to put themselves first. If anyone deserves to be spoiled, it is definitely the women raising our future generations!

        That’s why, with each box we sell we make sure it is carefully curated with products from lux Aussie brands. Self-care is so important for everyone, but especially for the mama's whose bodies are working so hard every day. We guarantee our boxes will be rejuvenating and nourishing to her heart and soul, and guarentee they will nurture and delight!

        If you’re looking to pamper the mum you adore, or want to treat yourself to a little nurturing, Love My Bump is here to help. From one-time boxes filled with love, to subscription boxes to give support to mums and mama's to be on a regular basis, we strive to deliver exactly the right fit. Let’s start showing the mums we love just how wonderful they are, one specially crafted box at a time. 

        Love, Jasmin x